Monday, March 21, 2011

Zaidi perspective on Arab Pro-democracy Movements

Regarding the wave of anti-dictator protests in the Arab/Muslim countries of Tunis, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen, the world’s 10 million Zaidis must be asking themselves what kind of leadership do these protesting Sunnis, 12er Shi-ites, Copts and atheists want once their corrupt dictators are banished? There doesn’t seem to be a plan or a vision for what comes next…just some vague idea about freedom and democracy. The trouble is, the West is all too aware of this and is already taking advantage of the situation with their oil-inspired invasion of Libya (under the guise of “helping” the Libyans shake off their nasty dictator.) You can bet the West is already making plans how they can use the wave of protests to their economic/strategic advantage, all the while pretending they want to “help” the long suffering Arabs.
It’s time for Arabs to consider their alternatives carefully and wisely, and the best form of leadership available to the Arab Muslim world right now is Zaidi leadership. We Zaidis say that leaders of the Muslim world should be descended from the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.), they should compete for leadership roles according to stringent criteria as laid down in Zaidi political theory, and there is no reason why Zaidi leadership can’t be combined with a democratic system of representation for the masses.
Why Zaidi leadership? Sunni leaders will always oppress 12er Shi-ites, (e.g. like Saudi Arabia does), and 12er Shi-ite leaders will always oppress Sunnis (e.g. like Iran does). Either way there will be oppression, disunity, rivalry, possibly civil war. Worse still, even a war between the Sunni oil monarchs and their 12er Shi-ite rival Iran is on the cards. The West loves this division; it weakens the Muslim umma and makes it easy to dominate them. The only hope for a unified, peaceful, strong Middle East/North Africa/Asia is to restore the Prophet’s family to its rightful place, inspiring and unifying the Muslim masses. Until the world’s Muslims sort out their differences on the Sunni/Shia issue, which has divided them for centuries, and come to the compromise position, I don’t hold out much hope for peace and stability in the region. What is the compromise position? Zaidism.


  1. Zaydis need to prove themselves before they can establish imamate. Maybe the protest in Yemen might give them a chance to establish Zaydi imamate.
    Personally, I would like Muslims to have a leader like Mamoon Rashid. Although he was a tyrant, but his rule was a very good one. If we have just rulers like Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (ra) then those rulers will assassinated in no time. Therefore, Muslims are not ready for pious rulers, but they should have leaders who will advance their civilization.

  2. I agree with ProAhlulBayt1, Zaidi must try to establish their Imamate. regarding the leadership of the ummah, i agree with zaidi thought, Ahlul Bait is the rightfull people to lead this ummah, but then how they will take their position in current situation, if they not try to involve in this revolution.

    the revolution in Arab world must be seen as the beginning of the rise of the Ahlul Bait leadership, the ummah not ready yet for their leadership, so people must begin preaching about it, like the Abbasiah do, they preaching about Ahlul Bait and agitated against the Umawi, although i'm not support the Abbasid, but what they're doing may become example.

    n what is zaidi political theory? anyone can explain to me? like the Sunni have books like Ahkamul Sulthaniyyah, Siyasah Syar'iyyah, and the 12r have wilayatul faqih are the Zaidi have books on political theory?

  3. I don't agree with Pro ahlul bait; how can a tyrant advance Muslim civilization? Being tyrranical is uncivilised.
    Regarding Zaidi politics, there are some earlier aricles on this blog relating to Zaidism and democracy. Basucally, Zaidism fits with a democratic election except that only Ahlul bait can stand for the top job (Imam, President or whatever you like to call it). The Imam then can't pass the leadership automatically to his children. A panel of advisors should monitor him and a new election can be held if he is not doing well, according to some specific criteria written down in Zaidi books by Imams including Imam Rassi. Most Muslims will respect a leader a lot more if he is a Sayyid. This respect can only lead to unity and stability.

  4. When I speak about advancing civilization, I am referring to the fields of knowledge such as technology, education, sciences etc. Mamoon Rashid era was a golden era. He was a very knowledgeable man. Its because of him the Mutazilla reached this peak in history. Also, his Mamoon Rashid's daughter married the 8th Imam Ali Raza (as) and became the mother of the 9th imam. His tyranny kept him alive and this allowed the Muslims to progress. Whereas a leaders like Imam Ali (as), Umar, Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (ra) their sense of justice got them killed.

  5. Refer to this clip on Mamoon Rashid.
    A leader only represent its people. Muslims are far from justice. A just leader will only end up being assassinated. Until the Muslims become true to their faith they will never establish good leadership. Good leadership comes in stages. It does not happen over night.

  6. to Pro ahlul bait, hmmm, if Umar had a sense of justice why did he undermine the ahlul bait?
    I think a democratic parliamentary system with a Zaidi Hashemite head of state would suit today's Muslims much better than a tyrannical dictator. I mean rational Zaidi leaders who would interpret/contextualize the revelation (Qr'an) in ways appropriate to the generation they live in...

  7. Why don't you tell me why Imam Qasim bin Ibrahim(as) criticized the 10th imam Imam Al Hadi (as)? Why don't you tell me why Imam Abdullah ibn Hassan (as) challenged the Hussaini syeds on the issue of imamate ? Why did Imam Zayd (as) challenge his brother on Imam Baqer (as) on the issue of imamate ? Also, I don't know why you are asking about Umar (ra). The Zaydis believe he was a just ruler who did his best. The concept of calipate always had different views. As for Zaydis they need to start their leadership in Yemen, and then go from there. So far Yemen is one of the most poorest nation in the world.

  8. There's no reason why Zaidis should start their leadership in Yemen. There are plenty of well educated Zaidi Sayyids and Shareefs scattered all over the world. I'm sure they are waiting for the Sunnis and 12ers in the world to come to their senses, stop fighting each other (the disunity is what the West and Israel want, and encourage) and open their minds to Zaidism. But people like you (pro ahlul bait) are not helping, by continuing to promote your irrational ideologies.

  9. My ideologies are not irrational. When people came to Imam Ali (as), and asked him to be the calipah he told them to seek another person. Refer to 92. Why? The reason is they were not ready to have a leader like him. Likewise the majority of Muslims are not ready for Zaydi imamate. Also, don't think the hatred is only from the Sunnis and 12rs. Look at the material the Zaydis are presenting. They are saying praying like the Sunnis is like praying like the Jews and Christains. Do you think I can follow an leader like that ? Before being a Sunni or a Shia I would like to identify myself as a Muslim. Enough of the Asabiyah (nationalism).

  10. ProAhlulBayt you're ideology is irrational because it is antiquated. You need to move on and face the real world. Sunnis and 12ers can't agree on anything. There is a massive divide b/w all Muslims on this planet...this needs to be reconciled. The status quo is clearly not working for anyone!

    The uncompromising attitude that Sunnis like you have is holding the whole Muslim world back.

    You don't seem to care who the leaders are of the muslim world are as long as they arn't Zaidis. This is apparently because they haven't yet 'proven' themselves. Well what have sunni leaders 'proven' so far, other tyranny and despotism and a tendency to work with the west and saudi Arabia?

    How are Muslims going to cope post revolution, if their preferred puppet leader isn't selected by the west ? (which is the next obvious outcome). SMART Muslims would not let it get that far. They would take this opportunity to really own their destiny.
    At present the Muslim world is hopeless. They are mere pawns in a dirty oil war...and the Western world is playing the king, calling all the shots.

    Zaida has put forward a solution so Muslims can take control of their lands; its an alternative and a middle ground. And more importantly its a choice that can't be dictated and tainted by the West.

    So who do you want to be Pro Ahlul Bayt? A pawn I'm guessing

  11. Well Zaydis imams should get in power in Yemen first. Then they should help out the Palestinians, and go from there. If they can't even take over Yemen then don't expect the rest of the Muslim world to be friendly either. Plus the term shia is so polluted due to the Rafidahs, people see the Houthis to be part of Rafidis too.

  12. If you say being Sayyid is the criteria to be an Imam then Sayyid al-Sistani and Sayyid al-Khamenei should be taken as your Imam.