Sunday, May 29, 2011

British Sunni Discovers Imam Zayd

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  1. About being a lone Zaidi, I am a lone Zaidi in Australia but at least I have the other Zaidis on my blog! it's better than nothing. If you tell your Sunni friends/relatives in the UK that you are a Zaidi, some of them may be interested. After all, Zaidism has a lot going for it.
    Tell them, for example, Zaidis can combine their prayers, making it easier to keep up with Salaat. Point out that Zaidism is more rational, logical, progressive than Sunnism, and that it's a relief not to be associated with those who oppresed and ignored the Imams who were descendants of the Prophet s.a.w.

  2. Brother Abu Ali
    I invite you to my youtube channel, where you find never before seen clips on the Ahlul Bayt (as) by Sunni scholars.

  3. slam to all ...i highly appreciate the one who he/she make his/her mind free to recognize the truth .where is it and concern to follow.that path with full confidence and being alone does not being with the truth path is the most important thing ..trully speak zaydism today is an important base to effect in the humanity socity..

  4. Salam... Being alone and the truth is in your side is better than being with many people and you are in wrong way, Imam Zaid peace be upon him was argued by many umayyad scholars that he should follow (Al-jama'ah) the group, and let being alone !
    Then he gave them a lot of Quraan verses that disparage the majority,and vice versa , so he defeated them .