Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letter from a reader/ update

Dear Readers, Sorry for the long delay in posting on this blog. A reader has asked me for an update, here is her request, and my response. There will soon be more updates about the Zaidi film project! w/salaam Zaida
Dear Sister, I live in the US and have on occassion come across your information and blogs regarding Zaydi madhab. At first I was hesitant to write. I am curious to know why there have been no further recent postings, discussions, or updates either on zaidiblogspot, anazaidi, salvationark or Zayddiyahwordpress websites? (At least for 2012?) Is this madhab dying out, like the muta'azili madhab did? I noticed it was mentioned on one of the zaidi informational websites that there are pockets in the west (western muslims), interested in its revival, however being that most who follow this madhab are in Yemen, which is in political turmoil and upset with the west politically, how does this affect any formal organization in the west regarding zaydi madhab? Can it be organized on the level that salafis/wahabis have done in terms of building Zaydi mosques and promoting zaydi madhab? And can immigrant (Yemen) politics stay out of the dawah of this madhab in western mosques? I think some western muslims are getting tired of immigrant fanaticism and immigrant politics entering into our spiritual life and masjids. I know plenty of American muslims who practice at home and only want to go to masjid on times of Eid, staying to themselves. Instead of speaking out about social ills, and how to address one another and help all humans out of love, someone wants to tell you about whether your skirt is long enough. I mean really? Immigrants are bringing their fanatical baggage and politics (not all immigrants) from overseas and causing disruption of peace for peaceful muslims here in the west! If you want that type of lifestyle, then I say go back to where you came from? Why even bother living in the west? Go back and stay in those fanatic environments conducive to their crazy interpretation. Sorry but it is frustrating. Sister, I hope insh'allah that this email finds you well and safe, in light of recent events regarding that disgusting film and the unecessary horrific violence and loss of life around the globe. A few months ago, I had emailed a brother wali @ salvation ark to ask if there was a zaydi mosque in a neighboring state. I never heard back from this person. I noticed on his site he had "Zaydi Associations" listed for California and Arizona. On www.salatomatic.com the Islamic Center of Erie, Pennsylvania lists its denomination as "Zaydi", but I think it may actually be Ithna Ashari. Well, thanks in advance. Again, apologies for my short "vent" and rant, but wanted to know of this movement was ever formalized/organized officially on the west? JazakAllah Khair, a Sister in USA
Here is my reply:
W/salaam Sister It's true o haven't updated the blog and the website and I really should! ...and I will soon in sha Allah. Here is what happened; because of the small number of people reading the blogs I decided to make a feature film about Zaidism, which has the potential to reach many more people. I spent months writing a script. Then I spent months trying to get funding from the wealthy Arab states,(UAE and Qatar) to make the film. I was unsuccessful, partly because I am not an experienced film maker. Also because they found flimsy excuses not to make a film about Zaidism. So, I have purchased film making equipment and I am making another film which isn't about Islam, in order to get experience. If this (training) film is successful, I might then get some funding to make the Zaidi film. I've been so busy I haven't had time to update the blogs.... but I will put your letter and my response on the blogs in sha Allah. Thanks for your email. w/salaam Sister Zaida (Australia)