Thursday, February 17, 2011

Illustrated Zaidi Prayer Guide

as salaamu alaykum all!


Thanks to the efforts of all of us in the Imam Rassi Society (esp. Bro Ibn Zabara), we have completed our translation of Iqaama as-Salaat, which is a Zaydi prayer book that includes accompanying pictures.

It is available to preview at
It is a draft that we need to tweak but it is a great start for those who wants to view the Zaydi wudu and prayer.

Please continue to make dua for us!



  1. Jazakallah Brother IRS and son of Zabara for this fiqhi book. I will greatly benefit from reading these books on salat.

  2. as salaamu alaykum

    I have tried to preview this book but the message '404 - error not found' comes up. Do you have another link for it?

  3. May Allah rewards you for every single effort too much alms,,and support you to rise up The greatest Math-hab in the globe,step bye step until we reach the hoped position Insha Allah
    Ahsanallahuelaykom Jameean

  4. Salaam,

    Below is a working link to Iqaama as-Salaat, (prayer book with pictures mentioned above)on the "salvation ark" site. Many thanks for the help to learn truth. From a convert in Montana USA