Monday, August 9, 2010

The War on Zaidism: Sa’ada Update:

Here are some recent updates from Jane Novak’s excellent website “Armies of Liberation” which keeps us informed about the Sa’ada tragedy:
1. al Houthi Letter to Parliament:
Yahya al-Houthi, an MP and brother of Abdel-Malik, leader of the Zaidi insurgency, sent a letter to the Yemeni parliament about the Senate’s finding that the US military aid may have been mis-used (diverted) to President Saleh’s military campaign against the Houthi-led Zaidis of Sa’ada region in Yemen. He wrote:
“We continue to expose our deep concern about the military and financial help of the United States and European Union to the regime in Yemen, and the Arab aid provided in response to Western demands. Our concern is that such assistance is increasing tensions in our country and increasing the unjust use of force, because the aid is being used for the further suppression of the people, and to further strengthen the corrupt dictatorship, rather than strengthening a democratic political and institutional governance, and it will therefore lead to even more popular discontent against the corrupt system, thereby expanding the cycle of violence and prolonging it.”

2. UN Refugee Agency reports on Sa’ada:
“Nearly 350,000 people have been displaced since 2004 and hundreds of others killed, according to the UN Refugee Agency. But many IDPs say they are unable to return home, as the government has requested, without assistance to rebuild damaged homes.
“They [authorities] ask us to return after their jets destroyed our homes,” said Yahya Hajouri, an IDP from Saada’s Malaheeth District who is living with his family in al-Mazraq I camp in neighbouring Hajjah Governorate.
SRF teams are still assessing the damage in his home district. “Do they want us to sleep in the open? Do they want us to lose our dignity?” Hajouri asked.
According to a 12 July update by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the destruction in Malaheet is severe, with 80 percent of houses damaged or destroyed.
“Many people are living in partially damaged houses, which poses severe safety risks. Urgent repair of homes and provision of NFIs [non-food items] is needed,” it said.
A 14 July report by the local independent news website estimated that the clashes from mid-August 2009 to mid-February 2010 had cost US$850 million – $750 million in weapons and soldiers, and $100 million in reconstruction. Some 4,141 homes, 201 public institutions and 24 poultry farms had been damaged or destroyed, it said.”

3. Saudi Hypocrisy:
As mentioned in earlier posts, the jets which destroyed the homes of these Zaidi families mentioned above were the Flying Wahhabi Air Brigade from Saudi Arabia. All this makes Saudi King Abdullah’s latest public statement a real joke. Here it is:
MAKKAH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah on Saturday described disunity as "the greatest enemy" of Muslims and called upon Islamic scholars across the world to work for unity.
In his keynote speech at the opening of an international Islamic conference here, he commended the Muslim World League's (MWL) efforts to spread the message of Islam and confront extremism and terrorism. "Disunity is the beginning of downfall ... rather it is the greatest enemy of people ... Muslims should beware of division and improve their relations," he said. (Arab News, 1st August 2010)
I posted a comment to this article at the “Arab News” website asking why King Abdullah was bombing the Zaidis if he wanted to improve relations between Muslims? But my comment wasn’t published, instead they’ve published 13 positive comments from naïve Muslims who don’t know what the Saudi agenda really is; to “unify” Islam by destroying the opposition!


  1. " MAKKAH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah on Saturday described disunity as "the greatest enemy" of Muslims and called upon Islamic scholars across the world to work for unity. "

    what a joke !!!!!
    who is the reason behind this disunity ?!
    the Wahabis thoughts - that saudi regime support- fight any Islamic unity in the whole world ...

  2. The Saudi Kingdom will come to end in the near future. The Muslim world is so backwards because of nationalism that we have to live in Western Nations that tend to give us our rights.

  3. If anyone is wondering why they didn't hear about the mass destruction in Sa'ada region in the media, it is because no journalists are allowed into the area. A Yemeni journalist who tried to report on a mass grave there has been jailed for 6 years. Western journalists aren't trying very hard; they only seem to be interested in the "alQaeda threat" in Yemen because that is the only issue that sells papers back home.

  4. Teh Saudi government is coming to a End my Freind. "Saudi America, Servant & Master" Documentary 1/4
    Even Prince Turki Said The Saudi Regie would Collapse: - - -

    Fact is They Are Jewish Hiding Behind Name of Islmaic Goverment and custodians of Mecca and Medinah!


    RESEARCH AND PRESENTATION OF: MOHAMMAD SAKHER , who was ordered killed by the Saudi Regime for the following findings:

    1. Are the Saudi Family members belonging to the Tribe of ANZA BEN WA'EL as they allege to be? 2. Is Islam their actual religion? 3. Are they of an ARAB ORIGIN at all?

  5. Salaam anonymous, thanks for these links. These views fit in with Shiekh Ninowy's claim that the Saudis originate from Khayber, where there was a large Jewish community during the lifetime of the prophet, which claimed to be allies of the prophet but betrayed him. If you could collect these views into a short piece of writing I'd be happy to post your article on my blog.

  6. I Shall Try To Gather this in a Article and also the History of Saudi arabia.i.e this a is a Illegal entity .They forced the Zaydi Imam yahya to give up Asir and Najran.

    This has been Bad for both Zaydi communities and Isma'ili communities.

    ''''The Shia Yemenite Najranis have been terribly tyrannized and their persecution and oppression has been carried out by the English colonialism’s best children, the ominous Sunni Wahhabites who are the focus of all sorts of terrorism and evildoing necessary for the eschatological and pseudo-messianic plans of the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge that controls the English and the French political, military and financial establishments.

    The Ismailis of Najran - Second-class Saudi Citizens

    They Also if im Posiive Supported the Egyptian army in Massacring the Zaydi Imam al-Badr and hisa follower tribes in the 60's.

    The shi'ah Twelver of al-ahsa Province has Faced similar PErsecution -

    ALL Shiah groups in the Arabian Peninsula(al-Jazirat Al-Arab) must Support Each Other and Raise a Network of either Support of the tongue or the gun!

    Together we Stand divided We Fall!

    What is the least we can do for the Mujahideen?(Nasheed)

    Hayakallah Ya Houthi!

  7. Salaam Mukarrib, I look forward to your article!
    Regarding the war on the Zaidi Imams in Yemen in the 60's, the Saudis initially supported Imam Muhammad Badr's forces (also known as "Royalists at that time", against the Egyptians, but then swapped sides (yes, the typical traitorous behaviour they are famous for), and at that point Badr was forced to give up, then he went to the UK and died there in the 1990's.
    Apart from politics though, the Zaidis and Ismailis need to discuss/resolve their differences re Imamate... since Ismailis only recognise 6 Imams, who is their Imam now? (sorry for my ignorance about Ismailis)

  8. Salam ive discussed This At history of Zaidi Revival At Sa'ada.

    and i Think thats the Proper place to Discuss it.

    Maybe we can Transfer This Discussion?

    The Nizari their Imam is His Highness The Agha Khan Shah Karim Al-Husayni.

    The Tayyibi wich is the 5% of Population in Yemen.

    and Majority in Southern Saudi Arabia ,Well our Head of the community is Sayyidna Al-Fakhrī Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Husain Al-Hamdani from the Banu Yam Sub -Tribe and Makrami Sub-clan.

    However Our Imam is in Satr.

    Unlike Twelvers ,Who Say Muhammad Ibn Hassan is Stil Alive for 1000 Years.We Say the Imam Tayyib(a.s)Died in Satr and His Offsrping continue the Imamah and Only the Da'i may Know The Imam's Identity.

    The subsequent Imam is always Known to The Mumins Simply As Tayyib Ibn Tayyib.

    and The Qa'im Aali Muhammad Will Arise From This Lineage and Reveal Hismelf to The Mumins and Reveal all Mystical Knowledge.

    So right now Our non-Hashemite ruler is The Da'i al-Makrami .

    but our Du'a'at Have Been Under House Arrest many times.

    with due Respect to Our Freinds,Ismailis dont,in Their Theology Anyway, Reconize a non divinly appointed imam and Especially not a Imam Who is not a Isma'ili.

    He must be of the Fatimid Lineage.

    This is why Our Da'i Eshtablished his own state,Army and had Wars With the Wahabis.

    to Try and make us Reconize your imam as a Isma'ili imam who is Legitimate From allah, Would Be a Waste of Time.

    it would Be better to Both focus on Saudis and Getting rid of Their Tyranny!

    that doesnt mean we Wont Reconize him as the sultan of the state.

    It just means He wont have any place in our Theology.

  9. The Saudis Did change sides,your right.

    In Fact The shah of Iran Supported the Zaidi Imam al-Badr and then withdrew his support Too if im Correct.

    The Egyptians Committed Various War Crimes Against zaidi civilians.

    I Remember the Zaidi Imam Saying How Can you Claim to Be a Arab Nationalist when your Occupying Yemen,Arabs?

    It Was Our the 46th Dā‘ī, ‘Alī ibn Muhsin, Who used all of his diplomatic skill and foresight to handle the border dispute carefully, conferring with King ibn Sa‘ūd and the Zaydi Imām Yahyá.

    This is How a Truce Came BEtween The Two.

  10. Salaam Ali, so what are the advantages of Ismailism, compared with Zaidism, in your opinion? And why is your ruler (the Dai al Makrami) a non- Hashemite? Is the Head of your Community a Hashemite?

  11. salam zayda :
    shall we continue the disccusion here?
    weve discussed imamates,but no theology!
    we need to discuss our aqidah i think,in order to make a good comparison.i think we agree on it anyway. :
    in my opinion,both sects have truth,both sects are way more advanced then Say Salafi or Twelver.,the main advantages -in my humble opinion-is we follow the quranic way of imamate,and we are distinct,neither mutazili or A'shari,-in my humble opinion-we follow athaqalayn and not qiyas added to it .qiyas is dangeriouis.shaitan did qiyas when thinking himself higher then Adam(a.s),i also beleive our Calender is ,more advanced then that of the sightings of mujtahids,and i beleive our cossmology is much more advanced then Mu'tazila and A'shari .aswell as our interpretation of the quran vis-a-vis siuch things like the fall of Adam,the death of Isa,and the meaning of six days,Resseruction,and wetehr we will burn in the fire eternally or not.,it makes much more sence.
    but to be honest zaydis and isma'ilis agree on most things in regards to literalism and interpretation,,except the form of imamate,We also Believe:la jabrun wa law Tafwiz walakin amrun bayn al-amrayn''i am so ignorant on zaydi theology.

    thats why im learn!
    plz tell me about zaydi theology and its viewpoints on these things!

    i would love to discuss our Theologies,since all weve been discsussing is our imamates,and it is getting kind of Boring.i will tell you the isma'ili position on Tawhid,Imamah,Aql and such things,and then you tell me the Zaydi,and we compare them

    well ,i tell you the kirmani/shirazi opinion,just liek zaydis our Da'is ahd conflicitng opinions,and yes our imams Encouraged different opinions and respect for those opinions.
    i shall post it on where we left off

    to be honest,I have many sunni freinds ,and i was totally confused with the idea of Qadr i would hear from my Freinds.i am glad the followers of ali(a.s)(wether zaydi,isma''ili,or Twelver)do not subscribe to such viewpoint.i was also put off by Tasjim.

  12. To anonymous: I don't think anyone is reading the discussions here except for you and I, so it is better to discuss them under a recent post. I will start a new "Ask a Zaidi" section for November. Please post questions about theology there so people will read them. I too am getting bored with Imamate arguments. I am more interested in how Islam is being applied to the modern world than who should be the Imam and who shouldn't.