Thursday, August 19, 2010

Comments from readers about Progressive Zaydism:

This week I’ve been inspired by some of the remarks in the comments section of this blog. Comments like…

“Rather than making Islam fit the pre-casted mold of Western secular humanism, we should bring the progression BACK into Islam. This should be done by progressing our minds to the point that we prefer revelation and reason over stale and unfounded traditions. This should also be done by progressing from oblivious ritualistic practices to actions of constant renewal of faith. This should be done by progressing from outward displays of religiosity to the inward pursuit of spiritual truths and refinement of the soul.”
by Imam Rassi Society

“I think that all reformists, whether we are coming from a Zaidi persecutive, or a Mu’tazili perspective, or the perspective or the religious intellectual movement propagated most successfully by Soroush, who has greatly influenced me, agree that we have to be honest and look in those dark corners which are troubling to us. Covering our eyes does not make them go away and the only way out of our current impasse is with great intellectual courage. It is time that Muslims progressed from child-like faith to the complexities of a more mature faith even if that means a few are overwhelmed by doubts”.
By Devin


  1. I also wanted to add that we are in no way reflexively anti-Western either. In some ways, and relating to this topic in regards to academic freedom, the West is miles ahead of most of the rest of the world. The point is that we engage with thought constructively rather than just mindlessly either accepting it whole or rejecting it.

  2. how bout addin yemen lool i mean its the country with the largest zaydi population. 25% are zaydi while most of them were until the saudi "oil" influence ...

    more info i wasnt born zaydi my dad was but he converted to sunnah when he went to saudi arabia at a very young age while i grew up and converted to zaydism bout 3 years ago ...
    Tarique Riyashi

  3. Lol! A lot of people become Wahabis when they go to Saudi Arabia. My dad become one too when he worked in Saudi Arabia. When we immigrated to Canada I became a Sunni which opposed the Wahabis school of thought.