Sunday, August 15, 2010

English Translation of Zaidi Book on Fasting

A Book on Fasting has just been translated into English by scholars at the Imam Rassi Society. Below is the title of the Book and the Table of Contents. To read the new translation, please go to our sister blog,
You will also find English translations of books about Zaidi Credal Statements, Prayer (Salaat), Wudhu (Purity), Funeral rituals, and Imamate at the same blog. For Spanish translations, go to, a brand new website created by Zaidis in Chile.
Thanks Imam Rassi Society for making these important Zaidi books accessable to Zaidis outside the Arabian Peninsula!

An Abridgement of the School of the Two Imams:
The Star of the Messenger’s Family, al-Qāsim bin Ibrahim and
The Guide to Truth, Yahya bin al-Hussein
(Book of Fasting)
Imam al-Muayyad Billah, Ahmed bin al-Hussein bin Harūn

Translation of: Tajrīd Madhhab al-Imāmayn: An-Najm Āl ar-Rasūl, al-Qāsim bin Ibrāhīm wa al-Hādi ila al-Haqq, Yahya bin al-Hussein (Kitāb aš-Šiyām)

Book of Fasting

1. Concerning the Manner of Entering the Fasting
2. Concerning the Recommended and Disliked Actions during a Fast
3. Concerning the Recommended and Disliked Fasts
4. Concerning That Which Invalidates the Fast, Does Not Invalidate the Fast, and What Obligates a Sacrifice
5. Concerning the Fast of Oaths, Unlawful Declarations (az-zihār), and Unintentional Homicide
6. Concerning Making up the Fast
7. Concerning Religious Confinement (al-I’tikaaf) and the Night of Power (Laylat al-Qadr).

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