Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Zaidi Prayer (Salaat) Rituals, by Early Zaidi Scholar

Here is the Contents page of the translation of an early Zaidi book about Salaat (Prayer), Wudhu (Ablutions), and Funeral rituals.
To read the entire book, click on the following link:

Sources of Collected Rulings Pertaining to the Proofs of the Permissible and Prohibited:

The Book of Ritual Purity, The Book of Prayer, and the Book of Funeral Rites

Imam al-Mutawakkil ‗ala Allah Ahmed bin Sulaymān


(a) Translator’s Introduction.
(b) Author’s Biography.
(c) Content (summary) of the book.
(d) The Translation of the text:

Part 1:
The Book of Ritual Purity

Chapter 1A: Water:
Chapter 1B: Cleansing the Private Parts (Istinjā)
Chapter 1C: The Attributes of Purity and Its Obligations
Chapter 1D: Washing the Hands
Chapter 1E: Wiping the Head
Chapter 1F: Washing the Feet
Chapter 1G: What Obligates Ablution
Chapter 1H: Purification

Part 2:
The Book of Prayer

Chapter 2A: Call to Prayer (al-adhān) and the Pre-Prayer Call (al-iqāma)
by Clean Earth (at-Tayammum)
Chapter 2B: Prayer Times
Chapter 2C: Combining the Prayers
Chapter 2D: The Characteristics of the Prayer and Its Manner
Chapter 2E: The Testimony of Faith (at-Tashahhud) and the Salutation (at-Taslīm)
Chapter 2F: The Introductory Orientation (at-Tawjih)
Chapter 2G: The Recitation of Bismillah ar-Rahmān ar-Rahīm (al-Basmala)
Chapter 2H: The Appearance of the Prayer
Chapter 2I: Leading the Prayer
Chapter 2J: Regarding the Prostration of Forgetfulness
Chapter 2K: Regarding the Prostration of Forgetfulness
Chapter 2L: Making Up the Prayers
Chapter 2M: The Travelling Prayer and Fear Prayer
Chapter 2N: The Friday Prayer and the Two Festival (‗Eidayn) Prayers
Chapter 2o: The Eclipse Prayer and the Rain Prayer

Part 3: Funeral Rituals.

Chapter 3A: Preparing the Dead
Chapter 3B: Shrouding and Embalming the Dead
Chapter 3C: Praying over the Dead
Chapter 3D: Concerning the Burial


  1. Imam Rassi SocietyJuly 22, 2010 at 4:44 AM

    MashaAllah! Good job, Sis Zaidia!

    I think that you worked just as hard arranginging it on the blog as we worked translating it! (:

    Just a brief correction concerning the book, it is a book that covers multiple topics, not just purification, prayer, and funeral preparation. The translation is just the first three topics in the book. It is a rather large text that covers fasting, debts, zakat, etc.

    Jazakum Allah khayr!

  2. mashallah
    very great work sister Nadia
    may allah have mercy on soul of Imam al-Mutawakkil ala Allah Ahmed bin Sulaymān

    thank u brother Imam Rassi Society