Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ask a Zaidi

If you have questions for Zaidis to answer, please post them here so we can all benefit from the answers. If you are Zaidi and can answer, please do so...


  1. Note: Abdullah and Awsmekka's discussion about punishment, which was located here, has been moved to the theology section...

  2. Do Zaidis believe that Imam Zaid and the 4 imams preceding him were infallible (ma'soom)?
    This issue was raised by MacIsaac at Shia

    Also, does Zaidism reject Sufism?
    This issue was raised by Jilani at

  3. zaidizm have no infallible imams but the 5 who Allah gave them the Infallibility by the Quraan Aya: ((Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye Members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless.)) ahzab 33

    the relation between zaidism and imam zaid is not a relation of tradition, zaidism does not believe in tradition, they said Diligence is a duty for every one has a mind, so the name after Imam Zaid came bcz he had a big role in reopening the gate of Jihad and Renovation the Islam, so its an honesty relative for Imam Zaid more then its a tradition relative e.g: Jaafri or Hanafi but zaidism is not limited for Imam zaid like some other dectorines.

    Imam Abdullah (the completed) ibn Hassan ibn Hassan ibn Ali ibn Abi Taleb(as)said: (( The flag (or the mark) between us and other people is Imam Alia, and the flag between us and other shia is Imam Zaid))
    Imam Mohammed (the pure self) ibn Abdullah ibn Hassan ibn Hassan ibn Ali ibn Abi Taleb(as)said: (( i swear by allah that Imam Zaid had relive what have been Muffled from the prophets traditions, he had re-correct the Pillar of Faith after it has been Serpentined, we will not Quote from anything but his light, and Imam Zaid is the leader of all leaders))
    أما والله لقد أحيا زيد بن علي ما دثر من سنن المرسلين، وأقام عمود الدين إذ اعوج، ولن نقتبس إلا من نوره، وزيد إمام الأئمة

    about Sufism, sufism is not one line or Harmonious doctrine, they r many currents some of them r close to right and some of them r completely wrong, generally most of suffism are Ash'ari in their Dogma and they have the same idea of fatalism of most of Ash'ari, a lot of them have more concentration over Superstitions then true thoughts, and most of them have the idea of obeying the corrupted leaders whatever they did to u ...!!
    most of the old sunni scholars were sufism !!

    theres alot to say about sufism but its not suitable now for eveything ...

  4. Imam Rassi SocietyJuly 13, 2010 at 6:47 AM


    Thanks, brother Aws!

    If I may add, if by "sufism" you mean purification of the soul, then Zaidism is not opposed to that! Indeed, many of our imams and scholars have attained what the sufis would call "wilayat" through spiritual excercises and gnosis (ma'rifa) of their Lord. As a result, some of them were able to do miracles!

    We refer to this as zuhd (indifference towards the dunya). Indeed, zuhd is a qualification for the imam. However, the ability to perform miracles is not a qualification. Miracles are just possible consequences of their spirituality.

    We have powerful duas and awrad from our imams and ulema that are sufficient for one on the spiritual path! We do need murshids or brotherhoods (turuq) to reach gnosis of our Lord!

    If by sufism you mean following a murshid or sheikh blindly, Zaidism is opposed to such! This is because, as brother Aws said, the greatest ni'ma is our minds and intellect. If we forsake our intellect to blindly follow some "sufi shaykh" or "pir sahib", we have no one to blame except ourselves if we are misguided!

  5. Imam Rassi SocietyJuly 13, 2010 at 6:51 AM

    Oh yeah, it must also be said that historically "Sufis" have played a role in the destabilization of the Zaidi imamate.

    For example, in the Yemeni consciousness, the Zaidis saw sufism as being equated with the Ottoman rule. So when the Ottomans dominated Yemen, the imams were a bit suspect of sufism.

  6. Abdullah Hamidaddin said:
    On the question of Sufi tradition; the essence of the sufi tradition is not as thought to be connecting to God .. its essence is submission to a guru ... belief in his special powers, in particular powers to know you more than yourself .. considering inspiration as a valid source of knowledge, focusing on conscious-altering rhythmic rituals among others ... in that regard Zaydis didn’t have such practices.

  7. Anonymous said...
    Assalaamu 'Alaykum,

    I don't know if Zaidi Muslims believe in infallibility of any Imam except for Ambiya wa Rusl. But I hope you don't share this concept with Twelver Shi`as who believes that A'immah are better than Ambiya wa Rusl and with their infallible "Hidden Imam" for over 1200 years which is fiction and fabricated for the sake of upholding their religion for political desires. I'm glad Zaidi Muslims didn't end up with such Mullah's like Twelvers, they fabricated A'immah to fit the hadith of "Twelve Amirs/Caliphs" form Quraish and when the 11th Imam didn't have a son this was a huge problem for them and hence the fabrications and contradictions. I don't ask you to read all the arguments and texts of the brother but just look at the narrations and ponder upon the 12th hidden fictive fabricated non-existent Imam of Twelver Shi`as in their own books and writings of scholars:
    July 15, 2010 6:21 AM
    Imam Rassi Society said...
    wa alaykum as salaam!

    Thank you for your question!

    Regarding the doctrine of infallibility ('isma) of the imams: the Zaidi view is that the only non-fallible human beings other than the Prophets and Messengers are the Companions of the Cloak: 'Ali, Fatima, al-Hassan, and al-Hussein, peace be upon them all.

    We say this not only because of the verse of purification (Q. 33:33), but also because of various authentic hadiths. For example, the Prophet said about them collectively: ((I am at war with whomever they are at war with and I am at peace with whomever they are at peace with)); about Fatima az-Zahra, peace be upon her: ((I am angry with whomever she is angry with...)); about Ali ((O Allah help those that help him and be at enmity with those who are at enmity with him)).

    Such hadiths show that the Companions of the Cloak, peace be upon them, will not randomly fight or make war with someone who the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, would not make war with. And those who the Prophet makes war, Allah makes war with!

    Does this mean that if Sayyida Fatima, peace be upon her, gets upset at someone for something trivial, Allah will be mad at that person?! This must mean that she (as well as the other Companions of the Cloak) will only get angry for the sake of Allah! If this is the case, this would mean that they are protected from such errors.
    July 16, 2010 11:34 AM

  8. As salam alaykum,i
    I'm a twelver shia and wanted to respond to the comment about concoction of the twelver Imamis. The evidence for each of our Imams selecting the next Imam to succeed him is sound and available for all to study and see. Our claim for infallibility for the Aimmah is not our handicraft but the simple teaching of the Imams themselves starting with Imam Zaids father, Zaynal Abideen.
    Promote facts please with the kindness of the Prophet please. We are all Muslims.