Tuesday, June 22, 2010

monarchy or imamate?

This link describes the monarchy Yemen had from 1926 till 1962. Do Zaidis today want a return to a Hashemite monarchy like in Jordan and Morocco, where leadership is passed from father to son, or an Islamic Imamate, where leaders are selected based on religious knowledge? I am just curious, not trying to promote either alternative.

The next link shows a list of the Imams of Yemen from 898 to 1962. Interestingly, the Imamate was not always passed from father to son. It would be interesting to know what criteria was used to select the new imam when it was not passed to a son.

Here is a link about the Hashemite leader of Jordan, i.e. a descendant of Hassan bin Ali, and a promoter of peace. His wife Rania is an inspiration to all women. Their Hashemite parliamentary monarchy is an example of what Hashemite leaders can achieve. May Allah continue to bless their Hashemite Kingdom.


You can learn more about Queen Rania's initiatives at this site:


Read about the Hashemite Kingdom in Morocco at this site:


See page 24 about the leadership of King Muhammad VI.

I'm not saying that these leaders are Zaidi, my point it that these countries with Hashemite leaders are peaceful stable countries, which compare favourably with other Muslim countries controlled by non Hashemites.


  1. The Zaidis of today are more open to democracy and voting, probably more than the Muslims consisting of the other sects. And it should not be a surprise that we are open to democracy or open to hear and discuss any other idea, for since prophet Mohammed (pbuhp) Zaidis (assuming that Zaidism didn't start with imam Zaid bin Ali) have consisted of open minded people who believe in the great value of thinking and the human mind. And because of this we have the rule that says "kul mojtahidin moseib", meaning: if a scholar who have reached ijtihad derives a genuine solution based on his knowledge, and his solution turns out later to be wrong, he still has the reward from God for opening his mind and thinking. This greatly encourages people to respect one another and be thinkers and leaders rather than followers. And there are many other rules that pertain to this.

    In terms of monarchies: in Zaidism there is no such thing as a son inheriting his father's rule. We might have had a deviation during the Mutawakilite kingdom in Yemen, ending in 1962, but who knows, that might just have been the reason for their decline. And in Zaidism, we became Zaidis essentially because we did not follow and obey tyrant monarchs such as those during Imam Husain and Imam Zaidi time. So it is obvious that monarchies are not welcome in a Zaidi society.

    If we look into the Zaidi rules for becoming an imam, we will find that there are many rules, which can still be used a modern system. These include: that the imam has a brilliant knowledge (of religion), that he be best of his time, that he be generous, that he be courageous, that he has the strength to arrange matters where they should be, that his opinions are good, and that he is famous for his godly (down to earth) behaviors.
    The only rules that might not be debated, especially nowadays, are those three rules that state that the imam should be an Alawi (descendent of imam Ali) and a Fatimi (son of Fatima), and a male.

    Let’s make sure though, that Zaidis chose the descendants of Imam Ali and Fatima (pbut) as imams not from a religious perspective but through measurements of the other sects available during that time. So you had people saying that an imam can only be from the tribe of Quraish, and others saying that he can be anyone, and etc. All of these, however, agree that the descendants of Prophet Mohammed through Ali and Fatima, are righteous people who can be imams. So what Zaidis said was why don’t we take what most of the Muslims agree on and leave what they do not agree on; and that’s how Zaidis came to have their rules of the imam.

    One of those sects that said an imam can be anyone was a Zaidi sect who I believe were called the Salihis. All Zaidis, however, believe that all imams are human beings who make mistakes. They do not have divine attributes or any connections with divinity, nor are tyrant imams tolerated.

    So in reality, if you look at it from any angle, Zaidis changing their views on some of their time-varying beliefs does not exclude them from being Zaidis anymore, but rather makes them more connected to what makes a Zaidi a Zaidi. This is because the essentials and principles of Zaidism are change and adaptation to the present time and the current situation of society.

  2. thank u very much brother Patriot for ur Valuable comment ...its a great article describing the real Zaidi views to liberty, imamate and respecting the the others opinion...
    in fact, in my way of life during all the Islamic sects the only sect that represent the original Islam which respect mind ,the human thinking and give it the priority always is Zaidism ...

  3. Thanks, this comment is so good that I'm adding it as a new post, with the heading Democracy and Zaidism.

  4. The Hashemite Kingdoms such as Morrocco are Opressive,You Cannot Even Name Your Child What You Want.

    They Give you a List of Names to Name Your Child,and this is Too Discourage the Tamazigh people To Retain Their Names.

    I know of Morroccans in europe who wanted to name their Children other then the name list Given by The King and there Family Would Get Problems Back Home.

    The Hashemite King of Morrocco Also has Compounds where His Political Prisoners Stay and some of the Children have Been Born in these Compounds and havent ever Seen Daylight.Because the Compounds have No Windows or contact with The Outside.

    These Compounds are made up of 100,000s of Political Prisoners and only Recently under the Reformist and more Modern King has some Political Prisoners Been Released.

    furthermore Corruption in Morrocco is Rampant and You Can buy anything you Want their:Diploma,Freedom From Jail,Turn a Blind eye to a Crime etc.

    Not To Mention The arabization of Tamazigh People.

    the Government Forces the Tamazigh to Accept Tourists at Their Weddings otherwise They Cant Marry.

    Concerning Warfare ,Morrocco and Algeria have been Having Warfare and Border Disputes For over 20 Years

    The People in morrocco Are Poor As Hell.

    Regarding The Hashemites of Jordan,The Way they Treat Palistinians is Worse.And They Are Surpressing the People Whom Want Islamic Givernment.

    You also forgot to Mention:Bashir al-Asad in syria(The People Are Content with him.He has Improved the Financial and Educational,Social Rate of the Syrians)
    Mu'ammar Qaddaffi in Libya(he has made the country a Financial Hub,best Health Care and social Administration for All Libyans,Better then Western Europe Even.Aswell as Implementing Islamic Law Based on The Quran,There Are almost no Poor People in Libya and they have the Highest Literacy Rate in The Arab World,aswell as Active Participation of Women in The Society.)

    Sultan Qaboos Of Oman

    Or The Other Peninsula Kingdoms Wich Are stable.

    Bashir al-Asad comes From a alawi Backround and is not a Hashemite.

    Mo'ammar Qaddaffi Comes from a Tuareg Backround and is not a Hashemite.

    Sultan Qaboos Comes From Al-Bu Said Backround and is not a Hashemite.

  5. Thanks for this comment... I think I'll move to Libya! Of course, it's difficult to judge these things unless you live in the countries we are talking about. I know lots of Moroccans and they seem to love their ruling family. I've been there and thought the living standard was okay, and the people seemed happy. I noticed that the Ismaili leader (Aga Khan) lives like a king although he doesn't have a kingdom! What is your opinion of him?

  6. Salam Zaida,

    the king of Jordan recently stated to end the Shi'a Rule in Iraq,and he threatened to send troops if the government did not go in favour of the sunnis.

    Read this Article from the Shi''a Human Rights Watch orginization:

    ''Over 1400 Years of Persecution ''
    it also shows how the myth of sunni VS.Shi'a War is in fact Sunni's massacring Shi'as,just like in Yemen.
    he works with the Sa'udi Gvernment,and he supported Saddam,who tried to Break the shrine of Sayyed Al-Shuhadaa master of Martyrs Husayn ibn ali-upon him be Peace-and therefore he is a kafir.

    he also sent troops to kill Zaydi fighters in yemen,last year


    ''Huh? Morocco and Jordan send elite troops to assist humiliated Saudi Troops in yemen''
    so did the king of morrocco.

    the king of Morrocco might i add also Banned the Practice of Shi'asm in his country.

  7. salam alaykum sister,concerning the morroccans that support him,they are those that benefit from his inequality policies,just like Saddam had his supporters-those that benefitted from the Usurpation-and even Israel has its followers-those that benefit from the Usurpation.

    i am surrounded by morrocans and they all have negative views of the king,and this is coming from the ones from rural communities.

    genrally,when Tourists see a placd,they dont see the reality of that country.

    concenrng the Agha Khan,i dont disagrewe with his aqidah ,ebcause of his lifestyle,i disagree with t fro other reasons mainly expounded in ''the history of the zaidi revival in sa'ada''

    Imam hassan says concerning Wealth :

    '''He who claims he does not like wealth is, to me, a liar, and if his truth is established in this respect, then, to me, he is stupid.'
    Dawood(a.s) and Sulayman(a.s) also had a enormouis kingdom!

    The Fatimid Imams Also lived in Great Wealth,the city of Cairo was actually intended as a summer palace for Imam Mu'izz(a.s)!

    so if someone lives in Wealth and shares it with others,i cannot blame them.

    Thank allah for the Rizq(sustenance)He Provides them,and Al-Hamdulillah allah is the Best of Givers.

  8. oh cocnerning libya,its a great place,and the people are so nice.

    the poeple are always thinking about islam!

    they will invite you into their homes like your a angel!

    i think you should visit :)

    insha'allah you will visit the world

    this is a sunnah of our prophet :)

  9. I am very disappointed to hear about the sunni ahlul baits' support of the saudis! Thanks for your comments.