Monday, June 28, 2010

How to pray the Zaidi way

This post is for Sunnis and 12er Shi-ites who would like to know how to pray the Zaidi way. See "How to become a Zaidi" post, click on comments. Prayer info is supplied by Brother Aws of Arabia.
Or, for a detailed collection of narrations about salaat and wudhu, compiled by a Zaidi scholar, go to
This is our sister blog where we present English translations of Zaidi books.


  1. Salam alaikum wb,

    i saw that zaidia's also point their for finger in tashahud at their anny evedence from the zaidia point or hadith that support that ? send to, And is it makruh for an zayidia to fold hands in prayer what is their vieuw

  2. Thanks for your question.I'll move it to the October posting "How to pray Fajr like a Zaidi" so a Zaidi can answer it there.