Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Zaidi Website has English Section

Recently zaidism.blogspot was approached by the website and asked to supply articles in English for their new Zaidism forum in English. (anazaidi means "I am a Zaidi"). Zaidism.blogspot has asked Imam Rassi Society for their opinion of the anazaidi website and received this reply:

" seems to be THE Zaidi resource right now. They have a host of articles, books, audios, videos, and the like. It seems to be the largest Zaidi site that there is! They seem apolitical and just focused on collecting and compiling Zaidi works.

They also seem to be affiliated with a scholar by the name of Sayyid Abdur-Rahman as-Sha`im. We don't know much about him except that he is based in Sa'ada and he issues fatwas and answers questions. After reading some of his stuff, he seems to be very knowledgeable and is dedicated to defending Zaidism against its enemies and extremism. IRS."

Zaidism.blogspot is therefore proud to be affiliated with
We have already begun to copy our "apolitical" articles into the "Zaidism" section of It is hoped that these will become forums where English readers will be able to post comments and questions. It is also hoped that "Ask a Zaidi" will be incorporated into the anazaidi website from February onwards.
Meanwhile, zaidism.blogspot will continue to update readers about the political situation for today's Zaidis, which seems to be outside the scope of
All of the Zaidi books which Imam Rassi Society has translated to English are now available on in their "islamic books" section. You may need to click on "translate to English" to locate the "islamic books" section.
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  1. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    أشكر لكم استجابتكم لطلبنا للعمل يدا واحده لخدمة المذهب الزيدي.

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