Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zaidi “Rebels” face Saudi Weapons Build-up

It is very sad that the Saudi Wahhabis see Iran and the Zaydis of Sa'ada as a threat, while being such good friends with the U.S. and Israel. As discussed earlier, the only "crime" the Iranians and Houthi Zaydis have committed is to vocally condemn the Zionist Occupation of Palestine. The Saudis have already shown that they are quite happy to use their U.S. and U.K. supplied weapons to commit war crimes against Zaydi civilians. It seems they will be quite happy to do the same to Iranian civilians as well, if asked to do so by their non Muslim allies, judging by the following article:

Source : Middle East online, By Paul Handley (edited excerpts).
RIYADH- Saudi Arabia's planned massive arms deal with the United States is aimed at establishing air superiority over rival Iran while also addressing weaknesses bared in border fighting with Yemeni rebels, experts said on Tuesday.
Under the potential 60-billion-dollar (47-billion-euro), 10-year deal, the Saudis would be authorised to buy 84 new F-15 fighters and upgrade 70 more, as well as buy 178 attack helicopters and various missiles.

The Saudis are most worried about Iran's push to build missiles with greater precision and longer range, and possibly a nuclear weapons capability.

“We really have to see it as directed against Iran…… In this case, Israel and Saudi Arabia are on the same side” ," Theodore Karasik of the Institute for Near East & Gulf Military Analysis in Dubai said.

He said the package is also a response to failures in Saudi Arabia's three-month assault on Shiite rebels along the Yemeni border in late 2009 and early 2010.

The better-armed Saudi forces lost at least 109 men in guerrilla-type fighting in the craggy border mountains, and the conflict went on many weeks longer than they expected.

"The Saudi forces were not prepared for this type of warfare. They suffered much in the same way the Soviets did in Afghanistan,” Karasik said.
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  1. There will also be more weapons heading to the corrupt Yemeni government from the very generous U.S., while at the same time food aid is being reduced, according to the following article:

    The U.S. military plans to pump $1.2 billion dollars more of weapons, fighters and drones into Yemen, whether Yemen wants it or not.
    At the same time, Yemen is in desperate need of development and humanitarian aid. With the country’s water supply crisis, severe poverty and widespread starvation and malnutrition, Yemen presents an ideal opportunity for a different approach. Consider that this year the World Food Program has had to cut emergency rations in Yemen to half the needed calories due to a “lack of funds.”
    WFP’s Yemen director Gian Carlo Cirri noted several months ago that:
    We’ve already been forced to reduce rations in some areas to 82-87 percent. So for example, this past weekend in Saada (governorate) we saw demonstrations when rations were cut,” he said.
    WFP has a shortfall of $24 million in Saada alone – 70 percent of the money it needs this year to provide food to those affected by the conflict in the northern governorate.
    “To stabilise the situation, there is definitely a need for humanitarian assistance as a first step and then a more developmental approach,” the WFP official said.
    Across the whole country, a third of Yemen’s 23 million people do not have enough food, he added, and WFP lacks 75 percent of the money it needs to help them in 2010.
    Director Cirri went on to say:
    “There has been a lot of talk within the international community about helping Yemen, but very little money,” Cirri said. “In funding humanitarian operations, you are buying stability at a relatively cheap price.”
    Apparently President Obama and his generals would rather send $1.2 billion on drones and special ops fighters than send humanitarian aid.
    Source: Siun,, 16/9/ 2010, at

  2. do anyone know if there is any zaydi masjids or center in USA?and what about a zaydi group or organization here in USA? please email me

  3. Salaam Wali, I haven't heard of any yet. There is a Zaydi math-hab facebook page which was begun by a sister in U.S.A. though. I haven't heard of any organization in Australia (where I live) either. Stay tuned for further updates...

  4. do the zaydi do the qunut in there prayer like the jaferia?the zaydi do not say amin or amen at the end of sura hamd?than what do they say?i try to setup a email on Rassi Society and it been more than a month that anybody got back to me?and i want to be able to ask some questions?and also is there any sufi that are zaydi?and why is zaydi so hard on sufism?i am studying zaydism and want to be a zaydi and agree with everything they say"however i also like sufism